Hands-Free Breastpump Bra

Raising child is very hard! I'm exhausted...

Needs pumping in every several hours so I don't have time...

Mother who is so busy and cannot get enough time to do own things.
In addition to the housing chores, mother has to change diaper and getting into trouble with finding the reason of baby's cry.
Milking is the most hardest thing for mothers who are raising baby.
They have to do it regardless of time.
Often mothers get tired by the totally different life rhythm.

This hands-free pumping bra is invented for reducing burden of such mothers.

【Best-seller item in the world. Angelina Jolie is also using】
Got more than 3000 reviews at Amazon.com
Even though the total reviews are more than 3000, it received 4.7 stars out of 5.
The reason of high evaluation is that the item solved problems of mothers.

【This item is for...】
・Mothers who are working along with raising child.
・Mothers who can't get enough support from husband.
・Mothers who want to get private time during child raising.
・Husbands and family who want to reduce wife's burden.

【If you use Hands-free Breastpump bra...】

Mothers don't have to do anything during pumping.

Mothers can freely decide what they will do.
For example...
-Mother who get tired can take rest.
-Active mother can reply to emails or SNS messages.
-It is also good to spend some time reading magazines or books.
-Busy mothers can do their jobs.
-Mothers can do make-ups while pumping.
-It is also possible to talk or play with elder siblings.

【Can adjust to various sizes】

Also, the product is able to fit for the changing body shape during lactation period with the size adjusting feature. You can adjust the size around the breast with the back part, and you can adjust the breadth of the chest with center panel.

【Compatible brands】

Compatible with all of the electric breast pumps which is separated with feeding bottle.
Compatible with feeding bottle up to 177ml. Users need to support the bottle with hands if the amount is larger than that.
Not compatible with non-electric one.

【Image video at the time of using the bra】

SAKURADOME CORP., is the exclusive distributor of the Hands-Free Beastpump Bra in Japan