Wholesale is very effective to sell ordinary items. It is easy to change sales strategies flexibly according to the type of products.
  • Combined effect of Press release and Official website
  • Wholesale trade for wholesaler
  • Approach for communities
  • Approach for companies


T.V.shopping suits with selling newly invented products or highperformance products. Becoming known better by T.V.shopping makes it easier to sell a product to stores.


RAKUTEN.CO.JP is the Japanese largest online shopping mole that proud of its huge customer attraction rate and sales. RAKUTEN market can sell your products in large quantity at a time making the best use of its powerful advertisement. We have a special connection to reserve rare big advertisement frame in RAKUTEN site.

Shopping site RAKUTEN 


AMAZON.CO.JP is the Japanese branch of Amazon.com that is widely known all over the world. The majority of the customers of AMAZON.CO.JP. are men in their 30s40s. In addition to books, CD/DVD and games, wellknown commodities are also AMAZON.CO.JP’s good sellers.

Shopping site AMAZON 


This effective sales method is to impress customers with the price advantage. A potential customer can be motivated to buy by making the buying opportunity time limited. With this strategy, we can sell a large quantity of product without reducing the market value.