Hyperchiller is a product which change hot coffee into iced coffee in one minute.

With just pouring coffee into Hyperchiller, you can make a cup of good flavored iced coffee.

◼︎You can make both iced and hot coffee at a time◼︎

◼︎You can cool down various sort of drinks with Hyperchiller◼︎

For example, Sake. Please use Hyperchiller as a Tokkuri(sake bottle). You can enjoy 'hyper' cold Sake.

◼︎When you can't wait for a long time...◼︎

◼︎For those who want to have an iced drink, especially in summer time◼︎

◼︎For muggy summer, when you wake up◼︎

◼︎After taking shower◼︎

◼︎During break time between work◼︎

We pour water into inner and outer layer, and make it freeze. We pour coffee in the middle layer while the other two layers were frozen, and cool down the hot drink in at a time.

・It's just after being brewed so that you can enjoy good flavor coffee. ・It will take just one minute to prepare. You can drink when never you like. ・No ice required. You can enjoy high-quality coffee. ・You don't have to prepare beans for iced coffee. You can use your own beans.

↓The way to use Hyperchiller---just pour your hot coffee into Hyperchiller. Just that.

If you have Hyoerchiller, you can enjoy good taste iced coffee at your house.

We had several ways to make an iced coffee until now.

◼︎Wait until coffee cool down and the lose the flavor◼︎

While we wait for the coffee to cool down, it is losing taste and flavor, If you want to drink at anytime, you need to keep the iced coffee with the assumption of losing taste.

◼︎Brew strong coffee with the special beans for iced coffee and dilute them with ice◼︎

To dilute with ice, you needs to prepare special coffee beans for making an iced coffee. Also, you can't make iced coffee without ice.

◼︎Long-waiting cold brew coffee◼︎

It takes much time to brew with cold water. You can't drink soon.

In addition, cold brew coffee's taste is different from that of common iced coffee.

It is disappointing for those who want to have an iced coffee.

◼︎Go and buy iced coffee in hot weather◼︎

It is tiring and inconvenient to go outside. Women need to prepare for UV-protection. It is more costly to buy coffee outside than brewing it at house.

どWe had many dissatisfaction in any iced coffee making method. Hyperchiller solved all of those discontent.

For not only coffee, but also for other drinks

Hyperchiller cool down drinks at a time, so you can use it for various sort of drinks.

◼︎White Wine◼︎

You don't need any winecooler. Put Hyperchiller on the table, and cool down white wine. You can enjoy white wine anytime..

◼︎Shochu and Whisky◼︎

Cool down a bottle of whisky at a time with Hyoerchiller.

Please enjoy the whisky as it is or on-the-rock.

◼︎Fresh Juice◼︎

Juice diluted with ice is not good taste. You can drink cool juice with Hyperchiller, without losing its taste.


You can cool down Calpis with Hyperchiller, keeping your favorite taste. Please enjoy Iced Calpis with best taste and flavor to you.

SAKURADOME CORP., is the exclusive distributor of Hyperchiller in Japan.